In the last decades, several industries in Slovenia are expanding, the main being automotive, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, electrical & electronics, information and communication technology, not to mention tourism, which is continuously on the rise in the last years. The tourism sector, is in fact, the most dynamic and is undergoing strong development.

Slovenia’s successful industry and vibrant economic activity pride itself on highly specialized workforce, well-developed infrastructure and product-oriented businesses. Almost two thirds of the working population are employed in services and the country’s trade is oriented towards EU countries, with growing markets also in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world.

We are sure you’ve already heard of some of Slovenia companies and their highly successful products, the Elan skis and Pipistrel ultra light planes, to mention only two of them? Slovenia’s businesses and innovative products are constantly breaking into foreign markets, in numerous industry fields – making them also ideal for foreign investors. Other advantages of business ventures also include adaptability of companies, favourable business legislation, investment incentives and investment tax allowances.

In terms of industries and industry investments, Slovenia sure is a very promising country to start or expand a business – in basically any field imaginable.

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