Slovenia’s favourite colour is GREEN!

The country prides itself on being one of the top destinations for responsible and sustainable tourism in Europe!

Slovenia is getting a lot of ‘green’ attention lately. This year, ITB Berlin ranked it as one of world’s top 10 sustainable destinations and it received the label Green Destination, while the cities of Ljubljana and Podčetrtek now carry the title Slovenia Green Destination Gold. International jury awarded Slovenia the title for its dedication to sustainable tourism and best practices, on the basis of more than 100 different criteria.

Slovenia’s green success started with the Slovenian Tourist Board which developed strategic guidelines for green tourism, with the goal of making the country sustainable. This led to development and promotion of high-quality tourist offers with sustainability being the added value. The Slovenian Tourist Board also achieved amazing results by developing the national programme called the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, its main objective being introducing sustainable models to both tourism service providers and destinations, taking into consideration economic, social, cultural and natural environment.

And that’s not all. Slovenia was also declared the winner of the World Legacy Award by National Geographic. This award honours countries for their sustainable tourism, and National Geographic praised Slovenia for its forests, biotic diversity, well-protected natural habitats and its cultural heritage.

And even that’s not all. We were first in Slovenia to get the Travellife certificate – certificate that proves a certain business meets sustainability criteria. Travellife is dedicated to making holidays more sustainable and helps travel businesses around the globe improve their social, economic and environmental impacts.

Come to Slovenia and see that here, green is much more than a colour!

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