Human Resources and Employment service of Slovenia


HR Agencies present on the Slovenian market are Slovenian companies or branches of international companies. In terms of quality, it is better to choose a reliable HRM agency, which will result in better selection procedures and better match of appointed workers with your work post. Especially if you are searching for highly skilled workers or managers, it is better to consult an agency with long term experience, connections, knowledge of the market and available workforce.

Contact team for HRM agency recommendations and for other support in the procedure of employment of new workers, for setting up employment contracts, legal advice, occupational health & safety services and other.


Publishing a job vacancy at the ESS system (Employment Service of Slovenia) is free of charge. The most popular payable job portal is, with the biggest number of audience and members with CVs. Slovenian companies usually make use both portals, depending on the budget.

When employing, make sure that the employment contract is written by a lawyer or professional and all the details are presented and written, in case of disputes. The Employment Law in Slovenia is very protective towards workers and it is difficult to solve anything when it comes to court.