Company registration

The registration procedure is fast and really simple. If you want to start a business in Slovenia you will need to register a company in Slovenia. At the One Stop Shop 2Slovenia, where the registration is free of charge, we can register different forms of business:

All other forms of business (Unlimited Liability Company, Public Limited Company, Limited Partnership and a Limited Partnership with Share Capital) are registered at the notary or responsible state body.

We can help you with all the procedures – also at the notary.


You only need 5 hours of your time to open a company

Opening a company in Slovenia is a quick procedure. It takes about 4-5 hours to complete all the steps. After fulfilling the documentation, the registration agency sends it to the court, upon which it takes 2-3 working days for them to register the new company if all conditions are met.



  • passport copy and the original document,
  • Slovenian tax number,
  • documentation proving permanent address,
  • approval by the owner of the real estate of where you wish to have the business address of your company,
  • list of company activities (chosen from the Standard Classification of activities in Slovenia).


Obtaining a Slovenian tax number

Obtaining a Slovenian tax number for each person registered with the company (if future company representatives & owners do not have one already).


Financial Administration units in bigger Slovenian cities

You will receive an official document with appointed tax number.

Registration of the company


  • obtain tax number,
  • determine business address with authorized signature on document for address registration,
  • check company name in the online application and set up a list of company activities.
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  • AJPES (Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services) or
  • e-VEM point (VEM offices in Slovenia are administrative units, also OZS, GZS, SPIRIT – VEM, other).


Registration is free of charge. You will receive a memorandum for opening a company.


Everything can be done at a notary office for the price of 200, 00 EUR (only for one-person company)

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  • passport,
  • memorandum for opening a company obtained by the registration agency,
  • Slovenian tax number.

The bank requires filling in bank forms and signing them. The deposit is made directly at the bank counter. In case of a transaction, it has to come from the shareholder’s/owner’s PERSONAL bank account.

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At a chosen bank, in person.

You will receive a confirmation of capital deposit. This document has to be added to the Memorandum issued by AJPES and company, then the company goes to court to start the process of registration.


It takes about 3 working days for the company to be registered.

When the company is registered, you get the conclusion of successful registration on the specified address (it has to be delivered to the owner in person or by someone with POA).

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Another visit to the bank

Most banks require post registration activities, such as signing more forms in order to activate your bank account, online banking, to give POA to your accountant and other. It is also possible to order an e-bank certificate (for online banking) and cards, but it takes about a week to accomplish all that.

Choosing an Accounting service

2Slovenia portal offers you:

General accounting service

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  • Statutory bookkeeping and accounting services,
  • Accounting advisory services,
  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements.
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Mandatory reporting

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  • Any company is required to submit regular reports on its operations for statistical purposes, annual report publication, tax assessments, etc. The most common reports we can do for you include:
  • Interim or annual financial statements – mandatory for all companies; done quarterly or annually (depending on company size).
  • Tax assessment – mandatory for all companies; done annually.
  • Payroll report – mandatory for all companies with at least one employee; done monthly.
  • Financial accounts statistics report – mandatory for all companies; done monthly.
  • Report for the business services survey – mandatory for companies providing business services; done annually.
  • Volunteerism report – mandatory for all voluntary organisations; done annually.
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Registration of the company is only a first step. After a successful registration of your limited liability company, you might need:

  • Professional consulting
  • Tax and Accounting service
  • Single permit for work and residence
  • Family reunification
  • Your home and vehicle

How to register a branch office in Slovenia? 

A branch office can be established at the notary. For the registration you will need:

  • an extract from the register of company
  • the resolution of the management about establishment of a branch office in Slovenia
  • memorandum of association
  • financial report
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We can offer you all the support during procedures of establishment a branch office at the notary. We will help you to prepare all the documentation for the notary, reserve a date for the registration of the branch office and go with you to the notary.

After the procedures at the notary we can arrange for you a meeting with our accountant and also offer professional tax and accounting consulting for the purpose of doing business in Slovenia!

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