A Single work and residence permit

Citizens of EU member states, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland have free access to the Slovenian labor market.

Citizens from non – EU countries need to acquire a work permit to work in Slovenia. The law allows a single permit for work and residence. Individuals can acquire work and residence permits if incorporated in a company in Slovenia or employed in Slovenia.

“A work permit in Slovenia is under the new legislation from the 1st of September 2015, included in the document called a Single work and residence permit.”

The procedure for obtaining work and residence permit by establishing a company in Slovenia is as follows:

Step 1 – Company establishment (if an individual is not employed by another company). Individuals need to register a company in Slovenia (it usually takes about 1-2 days if 1 person owns the company).

Step 2 – Applying for single work and residence permit


The companies wishing to employ foreign workers have 2 possibilities:

1) Companies not older than 6 months have to invest 50,000 EUR (in fixed assets) to be able to employ a foreigner.

2) Companies older than 6 months have to prove they are really active; it means they have to:

  • have one other employee for at least 6 months before applying for work & residence permit for a foreigner,
  • have income of at least 10,000 EUR every month for the last 6 months (that means 60,000 EUR in 6 months).

After fulfilling one of those conditions, application for single work and residence permit can be filed.

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One person (1 of 10 employees) can be employed at the company as a representative without being checked by the labor market, while others have to go through the labor market check if companies need more people. The person, who has a single work permit as a representative can only work as a representative and is not allowed to perform services of the company.

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  • Valid passport (expiry date which exceeds intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia for at least three months).
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  • Authentic picture and fingerprints (taken at the time of application).
  • Proof of health insurance in Slovenia (when one becomes employed on the working permit, they receive insurance – at the time of filing the application you have to be previously insured elsewhere, the quickest and cheapest solution is to have a tourist insurance).
  • A non-conviction certificate (not older than 3 months from domestic country), translated into Slovenian, verified.
  • The bank account statement showing you have means for supporting yourself (applicable only for the first time, in the minimum amount of Slovenia’s minimum monthly income – 550.00 EUR).
  • Sometimes a foreign worker is invited for an interview.
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You need to provide the single work and residence permit and card.


At diplomatic missions or consulates of the Republic of Slovenia before entering Slovenia.

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The application is sent to the administrative unit in the Republic of Slovenia for consideration. When all conditions are fulfilled, the administrative unit issues a permit and sends it back to the diplomatic mission or consulate where it is handed to the foreign worker.

Documentation can be sent to an administrative unit in Slovenia by the employer, but an employee still has to go to the mission or consulate for fingerprinting.


1-3 months


For obtaining a valid temporary residence permit, a foreign worker has to live in Slovenia for at least 180 days per year.

The first application offers a foreign worker only a temporary permit for 1 year.

Foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union and want to work in Slovenia need:

  • a work permit (If you have established a company in Slovenia as a foreigner and you are it’s representative, you need a PERMIT TO WORK AS A FOREIGN COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE)
  • there are several different kinds of permit within each category. We will help you to collect all the necessary documentation.
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Extension of single work and residence permit.


  • Application requires proof of work (received salaries) and official forms.
  • Cannot be done by POA (owner has to appear in person), as fingerprints are required.
  • It is extended under the same conditions applying for its issue (valid passport and health insurance).
  • Evidence of conditions fulfilled must be attached.
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At an administration unit.


The application for extension has to be filed before its expiry (up to one day before expiry). If the old permit expires in the time of processing the extension, the person is not allowed to leave Slovenia (to travel).


1-3 months

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