Driving licence & car registration in Slovenia

Foreigners residing in Slovenia who drive a car for more than six months are obliged to register the car with the local authorities and pay registration tax.




Supporting documents that need to be submitted for the registration are:

  • proof of vehicle’s roadworthiness (not older than 30 days), except for vehicles excluded from roadworthiness by law,
  • proof of motor liability insurance,
  • proof of paid ACT (annual circulation tax/road safety tax),
  • documents required by relevant regulations (tax, customs fees, etc.),
  • proof of payment of tariffs and other fees,
  • identity card or passport,
  • vehicle user’s driving license (if the data cannot be obtained from official records).
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Other documents to be provided are:

  • For new vehicles: proof of ownership of the vehicle.
  • For used vehicles: last Slovenian vehicle registration documents and proof of ownership change since the last registration of vehicle.
  • For vehicles purchased abroad: last foreign vehicle registration documents, vehicle ownership certificate, a document showing the origin of certain components of the modified vehicle, if the vehicle’s data differ from those written on the vehicle registration document due to these alterations.
  • For temporary registration of a vehicle: last vehicle registration documents, proof of ownership changes since the last registration of vehicle, a document showing the origin of certain components of the modified vehicle, if the vehicle’s data differ from those written on the vehicle registration document due to these alterations.


Vehicle registration includes:

  • registration certificate (for the time of the validity of the technical examination and payment of all statutory obligations),
  • registration plates with a prescribed number (as part of the identification which belongs to the owner of the vehicle).


A vehicle can be registered at any administrative unit in Slovenia, organizations providing roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles or companies and individual private entrepreneurs who sell motor vehicles or trailers.


Registration information costs for a car with (maximum) 5 seats are around 135.61 EUR.

Compulsory insurance must also be paid.

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Technical check33.96 EUR
Annual duty62.00 EUR
Procedure39.65 EUR
Total135.61 EUR


Holders of a valid driving license issued by the authority of a foreign state may drive the same categories of motor vehicles in Slovenia for a year from the date of registering residence in Slovenia.

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After 6 months, an application for replacement of the valid foreign driving license for a Slovenian driving license can be submitted (also driving theory test in Slovenia and medical test need to be passed).

Holders of driving licenses issued in the EU member states, Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland have no time limitation defined and no theory driving test is necessary for replacing their foreign driving license for the Slovenian driving license.



Beside the application for replacement of driving license, supporting documents need to be provided:

  • original driving license,
  • valid medical certificate,
  • a 35 x 45mm photograph,
  • proof of administrative fee (EUR 11.79) and driving license form (EUR 3.27) payment,
  • proof of the individual’s residence in the issuing country for at least six months prior to obtaining his original driving license there.
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Individuals who have acquired a Slovenian driving license on the basis of a valid foreign driving license for categories A2, A or B less than a year ago, need to attend additional training (except if an individual completed a similar program in the country that issued his original license).


Application for replacement of a driving license can be submitted at an administrative unit.

Practical driving test can be taken at any local driving school.

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Slovene third party liability insurance is mandatory for all vehicles. The annual fee for this insurance is based upon the power of the vehicle’s engine, measured in kilowatts.

EU citizens can insure their car in any country of the European Union. The insurance is valid throughout the EU.


Important basic road rules in Slovenia:

– Speed limits on various types of roads:

  • 130km/h – on motorways
  • 110km/h – on roads reserved for motor vehicles
  • 90km/h – on all other roads
  • 50km/h – on city/town/village roads
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  • Between 15th November and 15th March, motor vehicles and trailers in road traffic need to be fitted with prescribed winter equipment. Winter equipment is obligatory in all winter conditions.
  • A person driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicinal products may be held in police custody for a period of 6 to 12 hours and its driving license may be temporarily revoked. (The maximum blood alcohol concentration is 0.50 g of alcohol per kg of blood or 0.24 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air; with zero tolerance policy for beginners and professional drivers).
  • Drivers and all passengers on seats equipped with safety belts need to use safety belts.
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A toll sticker (vignette) is obligatory for the use of Slovenian motorways for vehicles (with a permissible maximum weight of up to 3,500kg) and motorcycles. Toll stickers can be purchased at gas stations, post offices, shopping centers and kiosks.

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Prices (in year 2016) for toll stickers are:

– Tool class (with VAT) – category 2A:

  • yearly vignette: 110 EUR,
  • monthly vignette: 30 EUR,
  • weekly vignette: 15 EUR.

– Tool class (with VAT) – category 2B:

  • yearly vignette: 220 EUR,
  • monthly vignette: 60 EUR,
  • weekly vignette: 30 EUR.

– Tool class (with VAT) – category 1A;

  • yearly vignette: 50 EUR,
  • half-year vignette: 30 EUR,
  • weekly vignette: 7.50 EUR.

Information of road conditions are available at Traffic Information Centre for Public.

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