Visa, Schengen Visa

EU citizens do not need a Slovenian visa to enter Slovenia. The only document needed is a valid travel document. With it, individuals can stay in Slovenia for no longer than 90 days in the period of 180 days, starting on the date of the first entry.

Non-EU citizens must hold a Schengen visa in order to enter the country (acquired with a valid travel document).

Individuals with a valid residence permit issued from the state that is part of the Schengen Agreement can stay in Slovenia for 90 days in the period of 180 days (which includes combined duration of stay in all Schengen states).


For obtaining a visa, application form and supporting documents need to be presented.

Supporting documents for Short-stay visa (Visa-C) application should contain evidence of:

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  • the purpose of intended journey (for business visit invitation of the company, ticket, etc.),
  • proof of accommodation,
  • proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the stay and for return to the domestic country,
  • proof of intent to leave the territory of the EU member states before the expiry of the visa you applied for (return ticket, proof of employment, etc.).

Supporting documents for Long-stay visa (Visa-D) application should contain:

  • a valid travel document,
  • travel health insurance covering at least urgent health services in the Republic of Slovenia,
  • proof of sufficient monthly means, at least equal to the basic minimal income in Slovenia.
  • individual need to justify one of the purposes necessary for issuing Visa-D.
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Individuals are required to obtain a visa at a diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Slovenia abroad, prior to entering Slovenia.

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Visa application should be filed at least 15 calendar days before entering the country. An application filed less than 15 calendar days before the intended departure may be accepted, but there is no guarantee that the final decision will be made before the intended date of departure. A visa cannot be filed earlier than three months before entering a country.


The application form is free of charge.

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Another way to visit Slovenia is by getting a Schengen visa Slovenia.

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Where to apply for Schengen visa

A Schengen Visa is applied for at the Embassy or Consulate of the Schengen country which you will be spending the most nights on your trip to the Schengen Space. If you are only visiting one country on your trip then you apply for your visa at the Consulate of this Schengen country.

When to apply for Schengen visa

If you require a Schengen Visa you need to apply before travelling.

Schengen, an area of free movement

Schengen enables EU citizens, non-EU residents and visitors freely and safely travel within the Union.

The member countries of the Schengen agreement are:

1. Austria

2. Belgium

3. Czech Republic

4. Denmark

5. Estonia

6. Finland

7. France

8. Germany

9. Greece

10. Hungary

11. Iceland

12. Italy

13. Latvia

14. Liechtenstein

15. Lithuania

16. Luxembourg

17. Malta

18. Netherlands

19. Norway

20. Poland

21. Portugal

22. Slovak Republic

23. Slovenia

24. Spain

25. Sweden

26. Switzerland

Please note that the UK and Ireland are not a part of the Schengen agreement.

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Do you want to stay in Slovenia for a longer period of time?

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1. If you want to stay in Slovenia (or /and EU accordingly) for a longer period of time, which is more than 3 months, you will need to acquire a residence permit.

2. if you want to work in Europe, you also need to get an EU working visa and work permit./LINK/

For further information about working visa for Europe feel free to contact our office.

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