Family reunification in Slovenia

The closest family members can start the procedure for obtaining temporary residence permit on the basis of family reunification.


You can obtain a temporary residence permit for your family members, if:

  • you hold a permanent residence permit in Slovenia,
  • you have lived in Slovenia for at least one year on the basis of temporary residence permit (which is valid for at least for another year), except in cases where your temporary residence permit is issued for the purpose of performing seasonal work),
  • you hold a EU Blue Card or have temporary residence permit for research and higher education purposes,
  • you enjoy subsidiary protection in Slovenia (with some exceptions).


To acquire permit for your family member, you must have:

  • proof of existence of a family relationship (with the original marriage certificate, original children’s birth certificate, etc.). If the documents are not in the official international form, they must be translated into Slovenian language and verified,
  • fulfilled general conditions for family members (which are the same as for the temporary residence permit).


  • A valid passport,
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  • health insurance covering at least urgent health care services in Slovenia,
  • sufficient monthly means at least equal to the basic minimal income in Slovenia,
  • a police clearance certificate (not older than three months) from your home country, with a verified translation in Slovenian language.
  • your formal photograph.


An application for your family member’s temporary residence permit (purpose: Family reunion) can be submitted at a diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Slovenia abroad or an administrative unit in Slovenia. Temporary residence permit shall be personally handed to your family member later, at a diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Slovenia abroad.

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Education for children in Slovenia

Children, who are foreign nationals and reside in Slovenia, are entitled to compulsory primary school education from the age of six under the same conditions as the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

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It is advised to start the procedure of enrolling your children in school in Slovenia before obtaining residence permit for them. You, as a parent and person with residence permit in Slovenia, can start a procedure of obtaining residence permit for your children in Slovenia.

In Slovenia there are several international kindergartens and schools. We can advise you on how to arrange the education for your children in Slovenia.

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