Real Estate prices and taxes

Slovenia property investment is growing in popularity and was voted one of the top ten property investment locations in the world by UK TV program “A Place in The Sun”. If you looking for a second Slovenia home or an investment property for capital gains, rental income or a mixture of both Slovenia property investment has much to offer you.


Slovenia1,263.21 EUR755.87 EUR539.12 EUR
Ljubljana surroundings1,479.19 EUR1,046.58 EUR616.12 EUR
Ljubljana2,350.66 EUR1,438.85 EUR1,224.18 EUR



Property tax

It depends on the type of property and its value. The tax rate vary from 0,10 % to 1 % of the value for dwellings and from 0,15 % to 1,25 % for business premises. 

Change for the use of construction land (NUZS)

Local communities determine the rate of the tax, which depends on the size and the type of the property. It is possible to get a 5-year exemption for new buildings or apartments.


Tax on the transfer of immovable property

2 % of the tax base if no VAT is paid.


Before buying a property, the age of the real estate needs to be determined. If it is older than 20 years, only property tax is paid. The VAT can be either 22 % (new properties) or 9,5 % (apartments up to120 m3).

Tax on profits due to changes in land use

Tax rates are 5 %, 15 % and 25 %. The rate depends on the amount of time that has passed since the change.

Tax in capital gains

Tax applies to properties obtained after January 1, 2012. The rate is 25 % for the first five years and it lowers for 5% for the next five years


Gift tax

If the recipient of the property is not the donor’s next of kin, the recipient is subject to gift tax. The rates stretch from 5 % to 39 %, depending on the order of succession.